A Word From our president

We Make More Possible!

Adiabatics has been doing research and development for over 30 years. When we started in 1984, our primary area of interest was in advanced engine concepts; in particular, developing the uncooled diesel engine from which the name Adiabatics originated. An adiabatic engine retains the heat of combustion and puts it to work for other engine functions, allowing it to run more efficiently. In order for this concept to work, we have developed several types of thermal barrier coatings (AdiaBlock) and friction & wear coatings (AdiaWear) that help protect engine components and decrease the amount of heat loss within an engine.

In addition to automotive coatings, we have invested in advanced composite material research and development. In 2005, we sold our first elastomeric coating product, a polymer for components of water pumps experiencing severe erosion, wear, and cavitation, for which the results have been extraordinary. Our elastomeric coatings perform better than thermal-sprayed tungsten carbide and other hard-wear coatings. Since selling our first elastomeric coating, we have developed a whole line of products, Adiacoat.

Today, Adiabatics offers a complete line of coatings used in many industries and applications around the world. Our primary goal is to work with our customers on a personal level to provide the highest quality coatings and services available.

​We thank you for visiting our website and we look forward to serving all of your needs.

Lloyd Kamo
President and CEO
Adiabatics, Inc