In 2004, we began to develop a series of wear-resistant polymer coatings. The result? Adiacoat, a groundbreaking series of hybrid polyurea elastomeric coatings designed to resist sediment erosion/abrasion and cavitation. Not only are our Adiacoat coatings highly effective protective coatings, they are much more cost efficient than other epoxies and polymers, and much easier to apply.


Water Pumps

It is clear that elastomeric coatings absorb the energy imparted from fine particles impinging on the pump impeller and casing surface in critical areas. Adiacoat has the ability to absorb the pressure waves generated during cavitation.

Laboratory tests show that Adiacoat has the potential to protect pump impellers for over 20 months as compared to 8 months for tungsten carbide, the current standard water pump coating.

Pipes, Propellers, Chutes, Water Tanks,  Walkways, Bridges, and more!

We have also developed methods for dealing with other critical issues regarding water pumps:

  • Water Absorption
  • Bond Strength
  • Hardness for Optimal Performance
  • Various Coating Applications:

​          - Spraying of Coating

             - Brushing of Coating
             - Coating Overcoat
             - Damaged Coating Repair
             - Edge Retention


  • Adiacoat Blue Steel
  • Adiacoat Black Ice
  • Adiacoat Anti-Bio​
  • Adiacoat Quick Cure

AdiaCoat​  "The Elastic Coating For Your Elastic Needs"

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